Our Dogs

Paradise's Sterk Hart Tebow II

Sterk Hart Tebow II
Sterk Hart Tebow II

Sterk Hart Tebow II is a 100% English Golden Retriever with a gentle, fun-loving personality. He has wonderful breed-standard conformation, a nicely shaped head, expressive eyes, and a lovely white/cream coat. He is very social and because of his sweet temperament, is always complimented for his calm and obedient demeanor. Coupled with our American Golden girls, the result is that our puppies are at least 50% English/American puppies.

The English ,(aka European,) Golden Retrievers have a significantly improved health record in the area of cancer over the pure American Goldens. To date, we have not had one health report of cancer in our puppies or in our adult breeding dogs. Great puppies start with healthy parents!

Yes, our "Tebow" is named for Tim Tebow, also called "America's Favorite Athlete". We greatly admire Tim's open reverance for the Lord and his outstanding leadership skills. In the 2012 playoff game, Broncos vs. Steelers, Tim's 316 yards passing and 31.6 yards per completion are reminders of John 3:16  in the Bible:

"For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."
John 3:16

Paradise Golden's Scotty - AKC DNA Profiled, OFA Hips / Elbows (Retired)

Proud sire of over 15 Paws with Purpose puppies, who have been extensively tested for temperament and health. Puppies have become successful companion dogs for the Paws with Purpose program. Scotty is the proud sire of over 250 puppies in local communities without a single health issue! With his OFA hip/elbow clearances this adds up to excellent health and temperaments (and good looks!) for his offspring.

Temperament, health, friendly face...

and the classic Golden Smile!

Our Girls

Paradise's Promise
English/American Golden

Lineage includes multiple 
European National Champions


Paradise's Amazing Grace ll,
American Golden

Paradise Golden's newest female.

Puppies from 2017 litter

Majavin's S'ccess Solaris (Morgan)


D'Arks Tatianna Tia

Amazing lineage with over 30 champions in pedigree


Paradise's Talitha

Daughter of Tia and Sir Heisman Tebow, English and American lineage.

Paradise's Bella Luna

Daughter of Rosie and Sterk Hart Tebow I


Eagle Mountain's Yellow Rose of Texas (Rosie)

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pedigree and health info

Excellent lineage with many champions. Mother of two great litters.


Paradise's Daisy (Retired)

Playful, yet gentle temperament.
Mother of litter
Mother of Paws with Purpose puppies.

Paradise's Shalimar (Retired)
Our first Shalimar

Quiet and calm, mother of Paws with Purpose puppies. Mother of Shalimar II.