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Luna's First Litter of Puppies 

Luna/Tebow Puppies at Six Weeks

ella Luna, daughter of Luna and Tebow

A Paradise Puppy's First Days at Home

One of our recent new owners compiled the photos below, which chronicles little Bella's first days at home, bonding with her new family and settling in to her new routines.

The Ride Home


First Bath

New Collar & Toy

Chow Toy

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Play With Me, Baron

Playing Tug a Tug

Mutt & Jeff

Playtime on the Big Bed

Best Buddies 15 Weeks

Bella at 11 Weeks

Lovingly owned by Marty and Cam
   (photo credits: Marty)

Update on Bella (Paradise's Southern Belle)

Just a note to give you a status report on our precious little "Bella". She is 17 weeks today and has completed her puppy shots as well as her rabies vaccine. She has been transitioned over to Wellness Puppy Chow & is up to 3 cups a day (1 cup per feeding). She is all legs, tail and ears and weighs in at a diminutive 22 pounds. Our vet is in love with her and gets down on the floor to play with her when she visits... (to see the entire note, please click on Letters link.)

Two Paradise females, at play,
owned by Mark and Jennifer

10/19/11 Puppy Open House,  Shalimar II/Tebow Pups at 6 weeks old

Shalimar II/Tebow Puppies

Shalimar and the puppies just 6 days old.

Shalimar II's and Tebow's 2011 Puppies 

Puppies at 4 Weeks old


Puppies at 4 Weeks old


Talitha/Tebow puppies on 2/21 at 5 days old!

Talitha - Proud Mama!

Talitha puppies at 6 weeks old

Talitha puppies at 6 weeks old


Previous Rosie Puppies at 6 weeks of Age


Tia/Tebow Puppies at 5 Weeks Old - Lounging Around on the Porch

"Charlie" Baker - A Tia/Tebow Puppy
at 4 Months of Age


Jasmine/Tebow Puppies at 2 Weeks
Paradise's Jasmine x Sir Heisman Tebow  
These puppies have very special lineage with paternal pedigrees back to l954 and 47 champions.  Jasmine (Jazzy) is the daughter of our Paradise's Ginger Snap, who has produced multiple healthy, strong litters, with some puppies going to Paws with Purpose as companion dogs. More Photos Coming...
Puppies at 4 1/2 Weeks

Puppies love to sleep all bunched up!


Puppies at 6 Weeks


Ginger Snap 2007 Litter
Ginger's Pups
Ginger's Pups
Ginger's Pups
Ginger's Pups
Ginger's Pups
Ginger's Pups
Ginger's Pups
Ginger's Pups


Daisy/Scotty Puppies at almost 4 Weeks of Age - All puppies reserved
Daisy and Scotty have produced several outstanding litters previously and this litter is no exception!  Past puppies have found both family homes and have become therapy dogs for Paws with Purpose. Daisy and Scotty have their OFA clearances and their puppies have excellent lineage and health.



Daisy's Litter at 4 weeks old

Rookie soccer players!

What's for lunch?

Dreaming of my next adventure.

A little rest after milk time.


Shalimar/Scotty's Litter
Paws with Purpose Puppy
Even a toy dog will do!
Coat colors ranging from light to red.
Six weeks old - bright eyed and ready to play,
Early socializing is essential.
Puppies at 3 weeks


Daisy/Scotty's Litter
Afternoon nap time
Just lounging around - 5 weeks old
A tummy makes a fine pillow
Mom's watchful eyes - 4 weeks old


Ginger Snap III/Shag Puppies - 2006 Litter
Ginger's Puppies on the porch January 2007


Daisy's Puppies - Litter
Daisy's Puppies


Shalimar's Puppies - 2006 Litter
Shalimar's Puppies 1/11/07